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03 October 2012 @ 09:04 pm
I'm going to actually post an entry. I keep telling myself I'll do it and then never do. I'm always waiting for something else to happen or I'm too tired or I'll just think "they don't want to hear about that thing you just did". I'll make this one anyways.

First thing: SCHOOL. This semester is been at least 500x better than last semester. I'm doing a lot more, but I'm also more satisfied with my work. I spend 9 hours (no including the time I spend driving) at school on M-W, and 6 hours on Tu-Th.

Oddly enough, I think Tu-Th classes tire me out more. I don't have a break between classes and Life Drawing II on its own tires me out. I've been kinda trying to avoid this realization but I can't seem to avoid it: I don't think I life drawing.. just period. It's frustrating and often times I feel like my work from it is very sub-par. Though, often times I do notice when I look at it later on when I'm not being compared to others and I don't have the model to compare my work to I don't hate it quite as much.

I'm just super dissapointed. I thought it would be my favorite thing like.. EVER. I tried to like it, I wanted SO BADLY to like it, in class and out. But.. not only do I not like it, I hate doing it and I'm dissapointed in myself for that. I understand the good that it does me and how it affects my drawing skills outside of life drawing but the act of doing it just sucks. Maybe if I had more control over the situation I would be okay with it, when I work in mediums and techniques that I like I tend to do much better. I'm kinda glad to get that out of my system though.

Okay, all my other classes are pretty cool though. No bitching for any of the others ones! Sunshine and rainbows all around! Actually, I'm not entirely sure what to think of collage yet. There are cool things about it and the professor is pretty fun and has an interest in installation art (major bonus points there!) it's just a really slow moving class. That's for the best though I think given my other classes. I think there's potential for amazing things to go on here, but I just don't feel like I really know yet.

Printmaking has been insanely fun and interesting and I do so like Kate! She's like a polar opposite to Tony in that she doesn't make me nervous, she's okay with me making utilitarian things with the stuff I do in class and she's okay with our personal direction as artists (I felt like Tony always wanted to shift our direction a little closer to his own, do not like!) She's just really lovely as a professor and printmaking is just fun.

I think performance has been my favorite though. I feel like it's a really good medium for conceptual work and more personal work. I'm really interested in doing performance that uses clothing (or even textile in general) as a central element and I feel like there is a lot I can do with that. Our class feels really tightly knit too. A lot of the performances have been personal in nature, and I think that has a lot to do with it. I have to say, it is insanely therapeutic. I might try and take this one a second time if I can.

I'm still working on stuff for the show. I'm making pen drawings on fabric in embroidery hoops of people, there will be 10 total, but they'll be paired up. Each pair will have red thread connecting them in different ways. So far I've completed 2 drawings on the fabric, I have 1 I'm ready to trace onto fabric and 1 I'm in the midst drawing out on paper. They go by quickly so long as there are no anatomy issues. The biggest worry I have about this show is the installation. I know (at least) a few of my antlers need to be repaired. They're just very fragile and have tendencies to break during storage and transport. So, the closer I can repair them to the gallery, the better. There will be glue showing wherever it gets repaired, but that's not much of a problem since I can just wrap the string around those parts. I'm not worried about installing my new piece too much, I'll just need to get the thread run through them. I'm excited, just worried and anxious as well.

I like being busy, as tolling as it is on me. I like working hard, working out of class and going the extra mile on something that I want to be amazing. I think my last few semesters have shown me that: the more I do, the better I feel. I like to put as much as I can into things and that's what I'm really trying to do right now. I'm frequently tired, carefully keeping track of my schedule so I don't fall behind or get confused on dates and I'm often doing a bit of balancing act but personal work, school work and keeping my sanity in check but I feel really good about what I'm doing right now.
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19 June 2012 @ 02:03 pm
I AM NOT GOOD AT UPDATING THIS THING. Now on to other things that are not as obvious.

My parents went on vacation to New Mexico last week and they came back on Saturday. I feel very glad to have them back in the house. Let's just say that Leeanna and her boyfriend do not make ideal housemates. Her boyfriend left on Saturday but now he's back. I don't hate him or anything, but I feel he has very much overstayed his visit. Perhaps it's just because I feel very socially anxious, but I don't enjoy having extra people in the house and especially for long periods for time. Usually even having my friends over for more than one day begins to take its toll on me. I just require a lot of downtime away from people.

I recently started collecting custom content for Sims 3 again. Looking at pretty Sims 3 journals/tumblrs is a very dangerous thing for me. Then I always become sad because I get in the game and my game is just not quite as pretty as theirs. I haven't actually started playing yet though. My ts3 game and most of custom content were wiped when my computer crashed so I lost all the families and stuff. I'm thinking about starting up another legacy, that tends to be quite fun.

I'm finally starting to feel the effects of recovery from school. I mean, I definitely wouldn't be ready to go back or anything. But I'm not feeling nearly as burnt out as I was.
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23 April 2012 @ 05:41 pm
I am so very ready for school to be out. This semester was a bit of a work load, but catching a serious case of apathy sometime after spring break ended made it far worse. Or maybe it's just that.. the classes I have should be really great, and I thought that I was going to get a lot more out of them than I did. This especially true for sculpture, we've done 3 out of the 4 projects and I honestly don't think I would re-show any of them. It's just kind of disappointing since I was so excited about this class because of the projects.

I was kinda prepared to not get much out of Life Drawing, and I think I got about what I expected there. I've actually been doing a lot better recently in that class since he started letting use colored pencil and markers (only on certain days during class, but we can use them any time now for sketchbook assignments).

I feel like I could be getting more out of painting if I wasn't just so apathetic right now. I think my final project will still come out okay, but, I have a feeling it will be a case of I could have done better. I may not necessarily be a painter anymore, but since I like mixed media and Martin is so open about everything it should have been a good class for me to get work from.

I just really didn't get enough time off from winter break and wasn't entirely prepared for this semester so now I'm just really tired and ready for it to be over with.

Though, despite my wanting to be done with school so very very badly I still plan on actually doing art this summer (Melly doing art on her own time!? What!?) drawing with the pencil tool in PS is actually a lot of fun, so I'll be doing that as well as working on some stuff for the show with Jamie and Agnes next semester. As it would turn out, doing art on my terms rather than for an assignment is considerably more appealing, who'd have thought? I'll be playing Sword and Sworcery, Fez and of course, the Sims 2 this summer as well. Because seriously, summer doesn't really start until I've been simming until 3:00 AM.
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16 February 2012 @ 11:19 pm
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04 February 2012 @ 05:27 pm
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27 December 2011 @ 02:23 pm

mandatory gift haul pic!

Got some clothes, sweets, feather earrings, house slippers from my family and a pretty notebook and scarf from Paul's folks. Also got some gift cards~

Christmas day itself was pretty good, we visited my Grandparents who live in the middle of nowhere and I spent a couple hours with Paul and his family, it was nice. Shannon Randomly visited me on Christmas Eve as well.

Also I would like to take this opportunity to offer one digital sketch or a pixel sprite to all my lovely LJ peeps! <3 I am not entirely sure how long it will take me to do them, I'll get them back to you before school starts up again though.
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Good news everyone! School is out for winter break, I can now sleep ridiculous amounts and play video games all day. I'll probobly work on art at some point as well.

I'm not entirely sure what grades I got in any of my classes, save for History, which I know I have an A in. At this point though, I'm just glad to be out. I feel like it ended at the right time, I was just beginning to get tired and taking less time on projects and just generally caring less. It was a good semester and I feel like I got some really good stuff out of my classes. Despite my initial feeling that I wouldn't be able to make anything I liked in sculpture I actually managed to get a couple of good things out that I would be able to expand on in the future.

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24 September 2011 @ 11:28 am
Comment to this post, and I will list five things I associate with you. They might make sense or they might be random. Then post that list, with your commentary, to your LJ (or just add a reply back at me).

Answers from kihanna:
Sims 2
Cute things
Pastel colors

Answers from post_hummus:
pixel art

Answers from kchark:
Weird artists
Open mind
I think I would actually like sculpture... if Tony wasn't teaching it. It's like WASH 3-D part 2. I just feel like I'm being forced to his ideas of art, if that's the stuff he likes to make, I care not, that's his thing. But I feel like I'm going to end pumping out a bunch of stuff I sincerely do not give half a shit about. As for myself, I do not understand the point of making an object that's only about making a point. You can make the most magnificent point in the world and still manage to make a piece about it that DOESN'T look like a pile of junk. This fucking class, I don't even. *flips table*

At least Ceramics is still awesome. I haven't actually finished anything completely in there yet, but I like the process of making it and I like the end results I could have. I don't mind spend every night in the lab doing it either.

As of last weekend I am about 80% done with remaking my room. I think all that remains is mounting all the wall art and re-painting the doors and door frames. The re-painted walls and desks make such a huge difference. it's so much more soothing, aesthetic, and.. not tacky.
02 September 2011 @ 07:47 pm
Wow, so I basically ignored LJ all summer. I seem to be getting worse and worse with online communication. I just updated my site my first time 5 months.. that's pretty bad. It wasn't even a case of I didn't have anything to put there, I just never bothered to. I finally scanned some stuff for the first time in a while too.

I started back at SHSU recently. I can't tell how much I'm going to enjoy this semester yet. I really like ceramics so far, and Annie seems like an awesome teacher. I think I'll actually be able to stay awake in art history this semester, so that's a good sign. I'm not entirely sure how enjoyable sculpture of foundations in digital art will be though. I worked in the ceramics room until I couldn't go any further on my piece last night. I love working in the studio after hours, there's less people, more room to work and I work better at night too. I may not like waking up early for school, but I do enjoy being there.

I want to do a show so badly. I still definitely need more work though. I will make it happen though, dammit.

Also, I've made a playlist for download: here. I always love it when people share their music with me, so I thought I should do the same.