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19 June 2012 @ 02:03 pm
things and stuff  
I AM NOT GOOD AT UPDATING THIS THING. Now on to other things that are not as obvious.

My parents went on vacation to New Mexico last week and they came back on Saturday. I feel very glad to have them back in the house. Let's just say that Leeanna and her boyfriend do not make ideal housemates. Her boyfriend left on Saturday but now he's back. I don't hate him or anything, but I feel he has very much overstayed his visit. Perhaps it's just because I feel very socially anxious, but I don't enjoy having extra people in the house and especially for long periods for time. Usually even having my friends over for more than one day begins to take its toll on me. I just require a lot of downtime away from people.

I recently started collecting custom content for Sims 3 again. Looking at pretty Sims 3 journals/tumblrs is a very dangerous thing for me. Then I always become sad because I get in the game and my game is just not quite as pretty as theirs. I haven't actually started playing yet though. My ts3 game and most of custom content were wiped when my computer crashed so I lost all the families and stuff. I'm thinking about starting up another legacy, that tends to be quite fun.

I'm finally starting to feel the effects of recovery from school. I mean, I definitely wouldn't be ready to go back or anything. But I'm not feeling nearly as burnt out as I was.
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itpost_hummus on June 26th, 2012 01:01 am (UTC)

Apart from being a socially anxious thing, it also just sounds like an introvert thing. We enjoy our "alone" time, that's how we charge our energy! For instance, it can be hard for me to relax if we have guests/friends over, because it feels like I need to play hostess and entertain them in some way, instead of just carrying on doing whatever I would normally do. Thankfully that doesn't happen too often though, haha!


Wow, it really sounds like last semester was super hard on you! I hope next semester proves to be better. BUT LET'S NOT DISCUSS THAT NOW. Now is Summer time. and that means Fun Time. :D